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What if Abeloth Escaped during the Clone Wars? Part I

J. Aurandt


Abeloth, the queen of the stars, the mother, was an extremely powerful force entity who in legends was stated by a Grandmaster Luke Skywalker to be at least a dozen times more powerful than himself. Keep in mind He is stated to have been the most powerful Jedi to have ever lived. Do you ever wonder what would happen if this creature of immense power were to escape her imprisonment during the clone wars? Today that is the question. Today I ask, what if Abeloth Escaped the Maw during the clone wars?

Act I:

Chaos! The Galactic Republic is at war. The confederacy of independent systems having formed after the battle of Naboo, is cutting a swath into the galaxy with their massive Droid army. Heroes emerge as battles are fought, won and lost. Meanwhile far from the galactic center a being of terrible power remains imprisoned. Today I ask, what if Abeloth escaped her imprisonment in the MAW cluster during the clone wars? Our story begins on the planet of Christophsis where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi are fighting the SITH-ASSASIN Asajj Ventress!

It’s over Ventress! Anakin would shout as he and Obi-Wan pointed their lightsabers at her throat. Ventress having one last ace up her sleeve would quickly catch the two Jedi in a force choke then send them flying back. Proceeding to break a nearby window she would then jump out. Anakin and Obi-Wan having quickly recovered would quickly rush over to the window only to see the SITH-ASSASIN had landed on one of the nearby Giant Spider Droid units. It seems you have failed Master Kenobi. Ventress would say gloating. She would then order her Droid army to surround the building Anakin and Obi-Wan were currently resided in. I’m afraid your surrounded Darling. Ventress would mockingly say towards Kenobi.

Across the galaxy, a being would sense the shift in the force caused by Ventress unexpectedly turning the tides in her situation. The being having slept for millennia, perhaps even longer would open her eyes. Every being entuned with the force, even slightly would feel a powerful pulsing sensation through the force as the beings’ eyes first a shade of blue would turn completely black as if they were the void of space. Time has been broken. The being suddenly would release a massive wave of force energy breaking the device that restrains it. Oh, how I’ve longed for this day, to be free once more. The being would say smirking before shifting her appearance to that of a beautiful woman.

Ventress having never felt a disturbance in the force so powerful would come close to fainting into unconsciousness before catching herself. No jedi is capable of such a feat, she would realize. Across the stars on coruscant both Yoda and Sidious would have felt the massive shift in the force causing Yoda to open his eyes in shock during meditation. Sidious almost losing his grasp on the Dark side would barely be able to focus otherwise he risk revealing his presence to the feeble Jedi. And so, the galaxy unknowingly faces a massive threat to its very existence, will Anakin and Obi-Wan escape Ventress, who is this mysterious being, find out on the next episode of What If Abeloth Escaped the maw during the clone wars.

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