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What if Abeloth Escaped during the Clone Wars? Part II

J. Aurandt

Ventress having been brought to her knees by the disturbance in the force, would slowly get up. What sorcery is this? She would think. Ventress would then look over towards her foes and see they had fared just a little better than herself. “Master I’ve never felt a disturbance in the force as strong as that…” Anakin would say shocked. Neither have I, my young friend. Obi-wan would reply with concern written all over his face. Stroking his beard Obi-Wan would look over at Ventress who was seething with rage. Anakin it looks like we will have to finish this battle, Obi-wan would say. As if on cue Ventress would lunge at Anakin who would just barely dodge.

Somewhere in space a small fleet of cargo ships would be moving in the direction of the core worlds. Suddenly one of the ships would explode from the inside as if sabotaged by its own crew. Onboard another ship the captain would see the explosion and try to communicate via comms with the two remaining vessels besides his own. All he would receive is static as if something was jamming the signal. “Perfect. This ship will do.” A female voice would say seemingly coming from everywhere. The captain would suddenly feel his mind being overtaken and locked away within the deepest and darkest part of his soul. His eyes would turn black as a result.

Ventress having tired herself out was eventually captured by Anakin and Obi-wan, and brought aboard a Venator as a prisoner. Dooku having not heard from her in awhile would assume his prized assassin was either dead or captured. Contacting his master Darth Sidious, Dooku would report Ventresses failiure, of course Sidious already knew as he was playing both sides of the war. “I take it you have felt the massive disturbance in the force?” Sidious would inquire. Dooku would merely nod his head while continuing to bow. “Something powerful is approaching, though what I cannot say” Sidious would state and then cut off the hologram. Dooku knew that whatever this presence was, could tip the balance of the universe. Worse though it could undo all of the efforts he and his master had went through to conceal themselves.

The Father having long ago forgotten his name, or if he even had a name, was meditating. Suddenly he would sense the events which had taken place. The explosion of a cargo ship and the presence of the one being he could not contain without the help of his children. Opening his eyes he would summon both The Son and the Daughter. Knowing why they were summoned as they had felt the disturbance in the force caused by Abeloth freeing herself. The ones having only ever left Mortis for this purpose whenever Abeloth was freed, they were used to this cycle. Later the father would receive news that the chosen one had been found and would begin planning for his replacement. Thus he sent out a distress signal which he hoped would be recognized by the Jedi.

Anakin and Obi-wan after returning to Coruscant would be called in to meet with the Jedi High Council. Yoda would begin explaining how they had received a Jedi distress code which was over two thousand years old. Fearing a trap Yoda would inform the duo that they would be meeting with a Venator at the coordinates provided by the distress signal.

Finale ~

The Mortis arc would go the same as in canon up until the point where the Father tests Anakin to see if he really is the chosen one. Where our story differs is instead of the Father asking everyone to leave he informs the trio of Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan about Abeloth. The father would ask the trio if he and his children could join them on their journey back into the galaxy in order to prevent Abeloths path of destruction to which the trio would reluctantly agree. Eventually the group would track Abeloths presence to coruscant where she had completely dominated the mind and taken control of palpatine, the current supreme chancellor of the republic. Thus a confrontation would begin between the group and Abeloth, resulting in major destruction. Eventually Abeloth would try to take over Anakins mind in order to siphon his power However the Father would direct the son and daughter to intervene, and with the combined might of all three of the ones and anakin, Abeloth would be vanquished.

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