Discord Server + Minecraft Server Rules:

Hello and welcome to the LordGrass.com Community. We follow the discord guidelines and TOS to the letter, therefore please read the following pages:

In addition we also have our own rules which must be followed and enforced to the letter.

  1. NSFW content is strictly forbidden.

  2. Trolling + Harassment of any kind is forbidden.

  3. Doxing is strictly forbidden.

  4. Follow your country of residence' own laws to the letter or risk getting banned.

  5. Copyrighted content is strictly forbidden.

  6. Keep swearing to a minimum, this is a family friendly server.

Minecraft server rules:

  1. Griefing and or the unauthorized destruction of builds will lead to an immediate ban.

  2. Admin + OP decisions are final unless revoked by the owner. This includes the discord server as well.

  3. Builds considered inappropriate will be destroyed and the owner will be banned.

These rules do not apply to the old server which is no longer in use.

Have fun!


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