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EBlog #2 ~ A review of 07 - Ghost (Anime)

Hello, my name is J. Aurandt. Online I am better known as Enadasa. I previously went by the name Grass though that had to change when discord posted a meme with my name in it, without permission may I add. Anyways the following is a review of the 07-Ghost Anime.

The premise ~ shortened to prevent spoilers:

07-Ghost follows the adventures of a young amnesiac named Teito Klein, who finds himself being chased by a high-ranking member of the Barsburg Empire.

With twenty-five episodes each about thirty minutes long, 07-Ghost is a short but bingeable anime. I remember I used to stay up all night to watch every episode.

Now then I shall explain my ranking system. Each series I will review will have three categories. Music, animation, and story. For each category said series can get 1 to 5 points total. Then the final score will be the combined total of each category. Let's continue, shall we?

07-Ghost scored 5/4/5 which equates to 14/15.

I am biased so this may not reflect other critics' points of view.

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