How a game nearly DESTROYED my life:

Hey folks.

Back in 2013 or 2014 I started playing an online game call Galaxy at War Online. This is the story of how starting this game nearly destroyed my life.

At the time I was thirteen, immature, and quite the asshole. When I started this game it only made my behavior worse. I ended up in a mental rehabilitation center for 6 to 8 months and now in retrospective I realize it was all because of the online abuse I received on that game. Combined with the abuse from other sources, i.e. School, online chatrooms etc. It became unbearable, instead of getting depressed I became enraged.

Now why I still play the game to this day: Galaxy at War online has seen less trolls and I've been on the receiving end of literally no abuse since I got out of rehab, this can be attributed to my personality being far more mature. Now I have made several good friends in the game and feel great about my life.

Trolls are essentially online bullies. They do pop up every now and then in-game. However that is to be expected. Moderators will keep them in check.

Would I recommend this game after all I've been through? Absolutely YES. 100%. The game is free and very addicting despite how simple it is. When you are on the good side of most of the players you will have a fun time in-game.

This ends my short story, thanks for reading.

Grass out!

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