Issue Id - 001 Minecraft server and associated website are both down. (Solved)

Updated: Nov 26

As of 12:10 am Central Standard Time both the Minecraft server (Pente Patrol SMP) and the associated website hosted on the same address were both reported as being offline. I am looking into the issue; however, I cannot do much until later in the morning. The server is hosted in a different building not connected to my house.

I shall update this post when the server comes back online should physical contact with the power button not be needed.


The source of the outage was an internet outage that lasted three hours. At the time of writing this update the website is currently online but the game server is not. All systems will be functioning soon so prepare to play.

Update #2

The server was again reported as down; however, I will not be able to restart it until I am in better health. Let's hope it didn't get deleted again.

Update #3

The server was likely never hacked, I say this because soon as I checked the network configuration it showed the internal IP address had changed. The dedicated site will not be coming back for an extended period of time. I will post a new update when I have the site fully functional again.

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