Upload Schedule

Updated: Sep 1

Upload Schedule as of 7/26/2022: (Old)

Monday - Star Wars the Old Republic : 1 Episode

Tuesday - Minecraft Let's play episode

Wednesday - Day off

Thursday - Open Slot to be used for videos that don't adhere to the schedule

Friday - Tanki Live Stream 9:00 AM

Saturday - Aura Kingdom Live Stream 9:00 AM

Sunday - Day OFF

Notice: All videos not considered livestreams will be available at 8:00 am cst.


Upload Schedule as of 8/29/2022:

Monday - Minecraft Monday: Erealm 1 Episode

Tuesday - Dragon Block C let's play: 1 Episode

Wednesday - Day off

Thursday 1- Open Slot for non-scheduled videos (may include channel updates etc.)

Thursday 2 - SWTOR let's play: 1 Episode

Friday - Aura Kingdom Livestream / Swords of legends Online episode

Saturday - Chess against Grass Bot: 1 Episode

Sunday - Day off

Notice: This post will be periodically updated multiple times a year so check back often. Old schedules will not be deleted therefore the schedule at the bottom of this page is the most recent.


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